Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cape? Big ol' Rectangle

Tom and Lorenzo have a Fall 2011 Trend post on Capes and Ponchos.

Yes capes and ponchos.

I know.

But there is a camel turtleneck cape thing from Tommy Hilfiger that is calling to me.


It's all the way at the bottom of the post. I'm loving the texture and the rectangular line. The boots are also calling, and the striped socks? How about the coordinating sweater?

It's calling.

Taking another look it's looking more like some sort of modified high low hemline and not a rectangle. Even though a rectangle could work. I must find more pictures. I am intrigued.

Found another post with a few different pictures. Maybe it is more rectangular.

Found it in motion. http://www.beautyisdiverse.com/2011/02/tommy-hilfiger-fall-2011-new-york-fashion-week/#more-19098 It's not a turtleneck. It's a long rectangle that is secured in the back with one or two applied buckles. It's just another way of wearing a sizable scarf.

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anjade said...

Hello Karin,
My name is Anja. I am also intrigued by these cape/poncho garments. That's how I came across your blog. They almost look too fitted to be just a rectangle, but I might try to sew one in a knit fabric first before committing to a big yarn purchase. Thank you for posting the links.