Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 so April Update

Well Hello 2011. Time for an FO update.

I have a new WIP system in place, at least for now. The basic idea is that I knit a cotton dishcloth between each larger project. Knit something big, then knit a dishcloth. Can't quiet decide on what to knit next? Knit a dishcloth. Still can't decide what to knit next? Knit yet another dishcloth.

Let's just say I've been having some trouble deciding what to knit next. I've knitted 12 dishcloths so far this year. I really like having a low stress, easy, fast, inexpensive go to project for in between more involved projects.

I like solid, nubby dishcloths. My top three favorite patterns are Chinese Waves, Clover Tweed, and Tweedish Cloth.

I busted out Grandma J's size 19 straights and some Lion Brand Thick and Quick for a much loved (Ravelry link) Foliage Wrap. My pictures do not do it justice. It's a fabulous, ingenious, multi functional wrap. I can wear it at least three ways, if not more with a lovely shawl pin. It does not take that much yarn. It's amazing.

Let's see I tried out the new to me Paton's and Bernat Roving yarn. Knit up a hat I intended to mail to my Aunt Debbie and failed to mail. I screwed up reading the pattern on that one. The hat is perfectly lovely, just not exactly to pattern. The roving is nice, easy to find at JoAnn's and not that expensive.

I felted two pairs of Duffers, aka 19/21 row slippers. The first out of Paton's Classic Merino and the more substantial second pair out of the Roving. I love and wear the roving pair. I hand felted the roving pair. I've officially decided that I do not like felting in my front loader. I found a few youtube videos on hand felting. That's the new felting method of choice around here.

I knit the Harry Potter Illusion Banner for my ever knitworthy sister. Steve Plummer's patterns are clear, easy to follow and overall just awesome. I used Carron One Pound's in Sunflower and Claret. Excellent yardage, machine washable, not too squeaky, no joins, great colors. I don't usually enjoy large projects but this one was different every other row. It grew big and a bit cumbersome but was fine for winter knitting. This sized project would be miserable in the summer in the heat. Overall a great project and a much loved FO.

I continue to LOVE NORO. I knit a Rainbow Pimpelliese in Noro sock. This is my second side to side shawl in Noro. The colors are fabulous and the project was simple with just enough interest in the edging to keep it from being too boring. I am now out of Noro. I'm thinking of switching to Silk Garden sock for lace after squishing several Knit Knite projects in Silk Garden. Same great colors but softer yarn.

I bought four skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in Shocking Pink for my birthday. I knit up Hawthorne from Twist Collective, it used a tad over two skeins and the large sized Brambles from Knitty. Can we say awesome projects. LOVED both of them. I learned German Twisted Cast On for Hawthorne and used Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off. LOVE this set. I am all ready for next winter.

I am currently working on a summer sweater. Tarte by Berroco. I'm heavily modding it to be in the round and to have the cables on both the front and back. I'm knitting it in my brown Mill Ends cotton. This is the 4th sweater for this yarn. Valpuri, Tappen Zee and my Henry sweater for Henry.

I have some ideas for my upcoming projects. In the meantime I'll be working on Tarte.

Happy Knitting to my ones of readers!

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