Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Well Hello neglected Knitting Blog. I'm knitting, and reading and currently doing a ton of laundry.

Ok, I'm in between knitting projects at the very moment. I'm thinking of knitting a Whisper Cardigan in some Knit Picks laceweight but have not cast on yet.

Here is the 2011 year in review. Overall this was a good year for knitting. I was not as prolific as previous years. Here's the roundup of finished objects.

21 Dishcloths I knitted a dishcloth or two between most of my larger projects. It was a great way to take a bit of a break yet still feel productive. I gifted them every now and then over the year.

3 Sweaters I knitted Foliage Wrap, great design, wonderful sweater, my pictures of it are terrible. I have a new camera, yay! Nothing fancy, point and shoot for me, but it's green and it does not have battery issues like my old camera. Should take a new pic of the Foliage Wrap. Then I knitted Tarte, it turned out ok but not great.

Then there was Rambling Rose. Two and a half months of knitting, pretty much monogamous. It was a bit of a beast but I feel that I kicked up my intarsia skill set and I have a nice finished cardigan to show for my effort and time.

16 hats Love hats, love Stephen West hats.

1 Giant Harry Potter Illusion knit. Fabulous pattern, great yarn choice. Great FO.

2 pair of Duffers. fun little pattern.

2 Shawls

2 Cowls After the 2010 Cowl a thon I feel like I knit no cowls

2 stuffed toys, not hedgies

5 Hedgies After a nearly year long Hedgie drought I knit up five. I love this pattern.

1 Tissue cover for D's new office cube.

Sixty projects in total. Not a bad year. Would like to be a bit more focused this year. Who knows. Knitting is for fun for me not a job.

I have a list of goals for 2012 Knitting.


Try out new yarns

Learn the Mobius cast on

Hedgies = Happy, more Hedgies in 2012

Socks? Not really missing sock knitting. We shall see.

Basically I want to keep knitting, keep trying out new to me yarn and learning new techniques. That and continue to have fun knitting socially with my Knit Knite crew.

Happy Knitting!

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