Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What have you done for color today?

I heard the tail end of an interview with Rosamond Bernier on NPR's Morning Edition while dropping H off at preschool this morning.  

What stuck in my brain and refused to leave was a suggestion by Henri Matisse to Bernier.  "What have you done for color today?"  He then suggested that she wear a yellow scarf with her orange coat.  

This got me thinking about color as I dropped off H to his classroom and headed home.  I knew I had to chew on this a bit.  

I thought about my personal use of color.  I wear predominantly solid colored clothing, lots of black and dark muted tones.  I wear very few prints, especially below the waist.  I view my wardrobe as a bit of a blank slate for more colorful accessories.  Most of my accessories are knitted.  

For example all three of my current winter coats are black.  The reasoning behind this is that I can wear any color hat/scarf and it will go with my coat.  My scarf or shawl serves as the focal point.  I'd prefer a shelf full of colorful hand knit scarves and one black coat to a closet full of colorful coats.  

I got to thinking about my use of color in knitting.  I have my favorite colors,  Pink of course, and purple, and red and blue, and yes some gray/black.  I prefer to knit with color.  Part of this is practical. The thought of knitting black socks in fingering weight yarn on 1's makes my head hurt, I would struggle to see the stitches.  Same for lace.  I've knitted a few darker toned shawls and brighter colors are so much easier to see.

But what have I done for color today?  For one I'm wearing a necklace. It started yesterday when I got dressed. I'd gone through my rather small, yet fabulous, jewelry collection over the weekend and decided I would wear a necklace, or some sort of out of my norm accessory each day this week.  Yesterday was my heart shaped 'Forever' Surly Ramic necklace. Today is a purple/silver necklace and earrings set my sister gave me for Christmas a few years back.  The kids are older and no longer yanking on my necklaces. I'm making a conscious effort to accessorize, to add a bit of color to my everyday wardrobe choices.

I've been wearing my knitted shawls out and about more.  Never underestimate the power of a good shawl pin.  I have one two piece pin and one stick pin and they give me so many more options for wearing my shawls.  I love the added warmth, the texture and the color the shawls bring. I suppose it helps that it's currently winter in Ohio.  It's cold and dark and dank.  

This all brings me back to my current WIP.  After attempting to start the Whispi Cardi, again, I cast on Percy. (Ravelry Link)  I'm using Knit Pick's Gloss Lace in Kiss on my size 4 Addi's   I'm five repeats in on Chart A.  The plan is to double the Chart A repeats to eight to make the shawl a bit bigger.  Chart C will most liklely be knitted in Knit Picks Shimmer Lip Gloss, it's variegated.  I'm saving my Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint for a little neck scarf type thing, have not decided on the pattern.  I'm thrilled to be knitting lace again. It's even in a fun hot pink.  

So yes I'm contributing a bit of color to the world today.

Happy knitting.

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