Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello dear neglected blog o mine.  I heard that Blogger had a new post interface and wanted to check things out for myself.  So far I'm not seeing that many differences.  Granted it's been months since my last post.

How about a quick and dirty knitting update?  I've knitted a few Hedgies, three for the Ravellenic Games.  How about that d-bag US Olympic Committee.  I get having to defend the copyright but did you have to be jerks about it?  I know, old news.

I'm currently knitting a cotton cardigan Vodka Lemonade.  I'm in the final long slow slog part before I pick up the sleeves.

So many things to knit. Only so much time and very little blogging.

While I'm here I'll post my Pinterest account.  Now there is a time suck. So much fun.  So many pretty pictures and fun ideas and tasty treats.  I'd put it in the sidebar if I could remember how. Oy.

Happy Knitting!


Jackie F. said...

Hello :-) Your blogpost popped up at the top of Google Reader on Flipboard, and I was like, "Karen blogged!"
Hey, if you think Pinterest is like crack, you should also try Flipboard and Stitcher. Flipboard is my new Pinterest, seriously! Or, rather, my alternate Pinterest for articles, pictures, and ideas. It's like a never-ending awesome magazine that could never possibly ever run dry. Muppets Studio is on there, which I of course added :-) Stitcher is talk radio and podcasts (including some knitting ones) - lots of NPR stuff.

Robin said...

you popped up on my reader- had to check it out. I am resisting Pintrest. No black holes for me- I want to knit and now spin too