Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Knitting Year in Review

Hello and Goodbye to 2014.

Let's run down my FO's shall we?

4 shawls, two Stephen West designs, love his funky design sense.

7 hats.

5 Hedgies, including one Extra Special Hedgie for the Ravellenic Games.  The political ridiculousness in Sochi dampened the usual Olympic joy.  So I knitted a Rainbow Hedgie for Educational purposes.  Hedgie turned out super cute and educational.  You can see the short row sections in the back quite nicely. 

Ravellenic Rainbowllenic Rainbow Construction Educational Funtimes Hedgie

7 dishcloths knitted on handmade wooden straights for an online buddy.  Her Grandfather made the needles and she gifted them to me.  I realized that I tend to drop, more like throw, my needle when I'm done with a row. This is not a big deal when using circs but it is annoying when using straights.

4 bricks for the  Secular Coalition of America.

1 lap blanket using the massive Palette stash.

1 pair of super complicated kilt hose for the husband. I'd not knitted socks in two years.  This was my most challenging pair of socks to date.  One month and a day of knitting.

1 Weasley sweater for the son, it turned out huge, but he continues to grow so no worries.

I am so close to being done with a Hermione Cardigan for daughter, but it is not getting done in 2014.

That brings us to a grand total of 30 finished projects in 2014.  Hooray for me!  Looking back I'm focusing on more complex knitting.  The kilt hose were ridiculous but I got them finished. The Hermione Cardigan I'm currently working on had a crazy stranded yoke.

I continue to knit for me by my rules.  Knitting brings me comfort and a creative outlet.

Goals for 2015

Dare I even think about cold sheeping?  I have a great little stash. I'm thinking it is time to knit down the stash a bit.

I plan to continue to challenge my skill set and try new techniques.

Knitting will continue to be something for me. 

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Robin said...

Loved this post. You've had a busy year. I miss knitting with you.