Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2015 Year in Review

Happy 2016! Here is my yearly knitting year in review.

2015 was a year of cold sheeping. Overall I knitted from stash and it was great. I did break the cold sheep in the fall for the Air MKAL.  I have next to no lace weight yarn in my stash. Knitting Air reminds me why I have very little lace weight in my stash. Brutal.

Projects completed in 2015

Toys 2, a guinea pig version of our piggy Peppermint and a Sock Monkey for H. Sock Monkey is out of Felici and it looks like he is wearing booty shorts, super cute.

Hats 8  pretty straight forward.

Socks 3 pair

Sweaters 2  One was E's Hermione sweater, it was a beast.

Cowls 2

Shawls 5 fun stuff

WIPS that moved over into 2016 one cowl, Willow Cowl, simple yet not boring knit.  One Dragon toy, challenging knit over on Kim Harrison's blog.  The wings are done.

That works out to 22 finished objects in 2015.  Not bad. I continue to knit but not as much as before.

Happy New Year ones of readers!

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