Monday, January 16, 2006

Branching Out is Finished

E helped me take out the pins this morning. She was so excited to help and did a very good, that is careful, job removing the pins one at a time and sticking them into the pin cushion.

As soon as the scarf was off the blocking foam E put it on and took a celebratory spin around the basement on her tricycle.

I proceeded to wear the scarf for most of today. It was a frustrating knit at times but I'm very pleased with the end result.

Blocking lace is amazing. You start with this shriveled pit of knitting and it blocks into this open, airy, wondrous thing.

In other knitting news. I'm making nice progress on my first Jaywalker. So far it's striping quite nicely, no pooling. The yarn is so thin but I'm doing ok, so far.

I was sort of lamenting the colorway I selected until I realized that it is in my undergrad college colors. These socks are going to rock with the one B-W sweatshirt my husband and I share.

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