Friday, March 10, 2006

Crumpets Cast On

Thanks to all of my 'exhaustive' Crumpets Research I've successfully completed a picot cast on and completed two bead rows. The cast on was not as difficult as expected, it's much slower then a simple backward loop cast on but it has a fun look.

Despite dropping down to a size four circ it's going to be a bit big. That's ok. I'll take a bit big over super snug. I'm enjoying the yarn. I have not worked in Cotton Ease since last year when I knitted Sitcom Chic.

I have a cute E at the LYS story to share. We drove to the LYS this morning for size 4 circs. E carefully checked out some straight needles while I found the right sized circs. As we were paying and getting ready to leave one of the two owners, who was running the register, said good bye to E, who responded with "I'll miss you" in her cute little girl voice. There is open knitting time at this LYS on Friday mornings. The comfy couch area at the front of the store near the register was packed with knitters. After E's little I'll miss you comment there was this collective Awww! from the knitters. E can be such a cutie.

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