Thursday, March 09, 2006

Crumpets Research

One cool thing about coming to a pattern late is that you can read other people's comments on said pattern. I found the following links very helpful in my Crumpets preparation.

As expected there was a Crumpets KAL. It started last March and the most recent post is from last October. But it is a resource for reading up on the pattern. One commenter knitted one plain row after the cast on before starting the pattern. Sounds like a good idea.

Here is a beautiful sage green Crumpets, complete with matching bloomers. This version suggests a Picot cast off. I really like the picot cast off better then a crocheted chain.

How about a cute little white and pink Crumpets. You want to string at least double the beads the pattern calls for.

Nonaknits has an excellent picot cast on/cast off tutorial. I've already swatched. I do not have a size 5 circ so I tried a 4 and it was right on gauge. The plan is to string beads tonight and measure E tomorrow so I can cast on.

While searching out Crumpets info I stumbled upon two cool things I wanted to share. Check out the Clapatis Hat. Now you can knit a hat to match your Clapatis.

I'm not a big fan of Lion Brand yarn. Yes I'm knitting Crumpets in Cotton Ease. Yes I use Wool Ease from time to time. Yes I detest Homespun. Here is a detailed cost analysis of Lion Brand vs. Knit Picks, Elann, and a few other yarns.

I'm off to string beads.

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