Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fit To Be Dyed

Who knew a camera tripod could be so cute. The larger tripod looks just like a regular full sized tripod. Nowhere near the cuteness factor of the little tripod. The little tripod even has a wrist strap.

I dyed the Color Your Own yarn today. I won't share the gory details. I must have made every mistake a neophyte yarn dyer could make. But in the end I'm happy with the results. The yarn is hanging in the bathroom drying.

It's time to give Kiri a test knit so I can cast on with the self blobbing Koolaid dyed yarn.

In knitting news I'm making progress on the first Om Ankle sock. I'm past the ankle and working on the heel.


Brandi. said...

Karen, this is so cool! This makes me want to dye yarn with kool aid.

Karen said...

It was fun. I would love to dye some more.