Saturday, March 25, 2006

Link O Ramma

I have two new camera tripods to play with tomorrow. One full sized and one table top. No more excuses for fuzzy no flash pictures, unless it's the camera then in that case I'll just have to deal.

I found a few more cool blogs while searching a bit today. Just a Knit Wit and If It's Fiber. Both looked interesting.

I found a few patterns I want to check out. Wyvern, a sock pattern by Marnie MacLean. Roxy Lady by Wendy Wonnacott.

Check out Clock Link for a clock for your blog.

The ReKnit KAL is filled with all sorts of knits knitted from recycled yarn. Looks like something fun to try.

I made some progress on Crumpets today. It's a great project for riding in the car at night when you really don't have to see what you are doing. I suppose that is a benefit to miles and miles of knit.

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