Friday, March 24, 2006

Decisions, decisions

So I made a decision about the Red Hart FBS last night. I bound off where I was in the pattern and attempted blocking, which sort of worked but really did not. E is excited. Mandrake has a new as she calls it a Halloween Costume. Cute.

I'm thinking FBS is a bit beyond my skill set at the moment. Yes I can knit the pattern but I make errors, errors that take a ton of time and effort to fix. Effort I'm not willing to expend at the moment. FBS's time will come, it's just not now.

In the meantime I still want to dye the wool and knit a shawl. I'm considering a test knit of Kiri. We shall see.

Last night I really wanted to cast on something. I was still thinking socks. I've mentioned before that my sister gave me the Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar for Christmas last year. I've been keeping up with the patterns. Even used a Felted Coasters, Hot Pads, and Beverage Jackets pattern to knit the bottom of the little Red and Pink bowl I knitted up last week.

Turns out this weekend's pattern is a cute little ankle sock pattern called Om Ankle Socks(it's the second pattern from the top). The heels sport a bit of Sanskrit. I'm not doing the Sanskrit or the two colors. I'm using the Sock Garden in hydrangea that I have left over from the little FBS. It's a fun little knit so far.

In Knit Blog news I found out that this coming April 1st is the official day to Flash Your Stash. There is going to be yarn pron a plenty come this April Fools Day.

I simply have to link Monster Crochet. I've only begun to delve deep into the cycloptic tomato, squash, legume, jellyfish, infested waters at Monster Crochet. It's part fiber, part whimsy, part performance art in a sense, and part creepy. Ladylinoleum has some fun pictures of her work on her Flickr page as well.

Just checked my email to discover that my Odessa has been added to Grumperina's Odessa Gallery. I'm currently the top left square. Thanks Kathy!

Speaking of Odessa. Jeanne over at Life In Cleveland was inspired by my Odessa and wants to knit one. Yeah! Share the bead and yarn love! It's a fun pattern. Thanks Jeanne.

Not speaking of Odessa. Lois of Get It Knitted added me to her blog roll. Lois is the one with the fabulous FBS cast on how to. Thanks Lois.

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