Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well That Was Short Lived

How many weeks has it been? Too many.

In non Knitting News there has not been any knitting. I think I'm officially in my summer knitting slump. Even super cute Reid is just not doing it for me. Especially after I realized during my Meet the Team post that I failed to switch to size five needles.


So I think Reid is headed for the Frog Pond.

I'm thinking a bit of rippage and a bit more time and maybe I will be in the mood for Reid, or some other knitting.

In the meantime I am keeping busy. Thankfully the morning sickness has passed. I was sick all summer long with E. I still get tired really easily but that's ok. I'm just so grateful that I'm not hurling and dry heaving anymore.

I've been out to see two movies on opening night. My Sister Allison, Dad and I went to see The DaVinci Code. Then Allison, her roommate and I went to see X-Men III the following Friday.

Can we say Sir Ian McKellan two weeks in a row, two number one movies at the box office. I just can't get enough.

Yes I have a thing for McKellan, but not quite the same kind of thing that I have for Hugh Jackman. Have you heard Boy From Oz? Have you seen Oklahoma? Have you gazed in abject delight at Wolverine?

Oh the goodness.

The goodness.

But I digress. This is supposed to be a knitting blog and I'm not knitting. I have no intentions of giving up the blog. I'm just going to be on hiatus for a bit.

Hmm. Maybe a small, fast, fun, felting project is in order. Maybe something for Project Spectrum. I seem to have missed May. Do I have any blue yarn for June? Will have to look into that.


Sourire11 said...

Love Hugh Jackman! Have you heard that he's set to star opposite Nicole Kidman in Baz Lurhman's new movie?

perhaps knit a dishcloth? they are small, easy, practically instant gratification, and you get to knit with cotton which is nice since it's summer!

Karen said...

You know my sister mentioned something about Hugh and Nicole doing a movie together. Hugh is so yummy!

A dishcloth is a good idea. I have a bit of kitchen cotton in the stash.