Friday, July 07, 2006

Felty Goodness

Today was a felty kind of day. I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I was determined to break free of the funk. First thing I did was bless (clean) the house. I've mentioned before that I'm a graduate flybaby of the Flylady system. Keeping up with the house is so much easier now.

Anyway. Post blessing I felted the following three items. From left to right we have a second little blue bowl, the Color Your Own Kiri yarn bowl and a random bits of leftover Wool of the Andes coaster.

The center picture shows the blocking stage. The coffee is high octane Maxwell House Hazelnut, it smells so good. No high octane coffee for me for awhile. The jar used to have a candle in it but now I use it to collect box tops for education. You can see the happy little curve of the bottom of the blue bowl.

The final picture has the completed items. I'm very happy with the two bowls. They are small and cute. Sort of fit in your hand. The coaster is lackluster, much like the yellow one I knitted a few months ago.

I'm continuing to work on the Manos del Uruguay bowl. Oh it looks so yummy. Nothing like some yarn, knitting needles and a washing machine to make fun little bowls.


Sourire11 said...


Perhaps I need to switch from a felted bag addiction to a felted bowl addiction... I do have lots of bits 'n pieces of wool yarn left over from all of the bags...

Karen said...

Oooh. Left over bits from the bags would make great liitle bowls. I love to use up stash, especially when it is nice wool.

msubulldog said...

Nice bowls! I do Flylady, too--have fallen off the wagon as of recently, but will be jumping back on with renewed gusto today! :)

Karen said...

msubulldog, Flylady is wonderful. I've finally found a way to maintain a level of clean without too much drugery. Good luck!