Saturday, October 14, 2006

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Knitting Patterns

I'm at the seed stitch edging of the Nautilus Hat for my step mother. I'm a bit stalled. Not really worried about it.

Found a few fun breast cancer awareness ribbon knitting patterns I want to link.

Ribbon Washcloth Simple K, P ribbon pattern in a dishcloth

Illusion Wascloth Small illusion knit pattern. Might be a good first illusion knitting pattern for me.

Soap Sack Everyone needs a Knitted Awareness Ribbon Soap Sack.

I can't remember how I clicked around to come across this Pants Apron pattern packet cover. It's part of a fascinating vintage/retro apron flcker collection.

I'm mesmerized.

It's like an apron and a pair of chaps spawned.

I heard from Tracy. She received the hat. Loves it. It's very soft and she has been wearing it already. Yeah! Her Mom's been checking it out and is considering taking up knitting again.


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