Monday, October 02, 2006

Knitting and Non Knitting Content

Oh boy blog content.

We will do non knitting content first. My sister was over tonight for a little visit. She asked me to blog about our friend Eric Schroyer's new home based massage therapy practice.

You can check out his website Tropical Touch Massage Therapy.

Maybe you are looking for ice skating lessons instead? Eric is also a member of the Pro Staff at Winterhurst Ice Rink.

In the meantime there will be no ice skating lessons for me, not with this massive belly. But a massage sounds so good.

On to knitting content.

I've started the Circular Prime Rib hat about three times and have crashed and burned each time. It's the Wednesday September 20th pattern in my Knitting Pattern a Day calendar. I finally checked out the pattern online.

I'm going to try again.

I have excellent yarn for this hat. Some glorious Grandma Janette stash wool. It's super bulky and yummy. I have a bit of navy, some cream and a skein of red that she used to knit my father this INSANELY HEAVY sweater ages ago when I was little. That sweater was nearly unwearable it was so heavy. Ah memories. I do want to do something fun with the yarn.

Anyway. I'm going to try to tackle the Circular Prime Rib again.

Don't forget to check out Eric's website. Tell him Allison's sister Karen sent you. :-)

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