Sunday, December 31, 2006

Slow Progress

Well I dyed some more yarn today. Ok, I over dyed a hank from earlier this week and then dyed a second hank. Here are a few pictures of the dye jobs. I'm thinking felted bowls and maybe a felted tea cosy for Dave.

I found knitty bloggy baby bumpers in my knitting links. Then I found this fabulous smaller version of the Cardigan for Arwen over at anny purls. Then I discovered the Pinwheel Sweater KAL that Anny is hosting. The pattern is free over at elann.

I'm still slogging away on Crumpets. I'm debating just binding off where it is and calling it done. I'm also not that far from it being long enough to be a dress, for now it's more of a long top. Who knows.

We had a very industrious day today. We took down all of the Christmas decorations and put them away. Ok, we left up the Christmas lights, the inside ones. We keep them up over the winter to help chase away the winter blahs.

I've made a ton of progress on Henry's birth announcements. Since I could not find what I wanted online I decided to make my own.

A very happy and safe New Year!

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Tam said...

Loved the yarn coloring in action slide! What a cool idea!

Happy New Year!