Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who? What?

A new Knitty?

Who? What? What?

You know you are out of the loop when you miss a new issue of Knitty.

Just checked out the Winter issue of Knitty. For now Argosy and Piggle look doable. E has already asked for a Piggle. Yes she does wear piggies so it would be functional as well as cute. Argosy looks just hard enough to be interesting yet still small enough to not be overwhelming.

I got Crumpets out. Have not actually knitted at all but have been thinking about it. Would be nice to finish it while E can still wear it, possibly. It's just so boring.

I've got Henry's sock nearly done, the letters and tree are sewn on, just need to sew on the buttons.

We are doing well. Henry loves to eat and sleep but is waking up more and more to interact and receive lots of lovies.

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