Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Welcome Our New Google Overlords

Welcome to the NEW Blogger Template In Knitting News!

I've been terrified to make the switch to the new template. I was afraid that I would loose my entire sidebar. Which did pretty much happen. Thankfully my incredibly long Knitting Link list imported over just fine. Was not looking forward to putting the list in link by link.

I did not go switching my template all willy nilly. Oh no. I worked out my learning curve kinks on another blog first. Testing. Hoping. Tweaking.

Well I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. IKN is all moved and my sidebar is pretty much intact. Ok, the 2007 Completed Items list looks like crap. The little pictures are not centering themselves right. Will need to work on that.

I have other knitting news. My Knit Picks order arrived today! Evelyn made a beeline for the pink yarn. "I love the pink yarn because I am a pink princess." The eyelash for Hedgie fur is not quite what I expected. The wisps are pretty far apart. I want super lush Hedgie fur so the plan is to carry it with a second, more lush eyelash.

Behold the most recent stash enhancement. Evelyn just had to be in the picture. See her little hand pointing to the pink yarn? It's a bunch of Wool of the Andes, Sierra, Butterfly Kisses and some Andean Silk. There are at least six potential Hedgies in that pile o' yarn love.

Now to get back to knitting up a second Hedgie Love. The big trick is going to be convincing Evelyn that all of the Hedgies that I knit are not going to be for her. She wants them ALL. Oh to be four.


Holly of HollYarns said...

Wow! Look at that stash of new yarn. Perhaps you really don't need that yarn you won? Just kidding!!! Promise to wind it up and sent it out this weekend!

Sourire11 said...

Yeah for new yarn!!!