Monday, August 20, 2007

Most Favorite Tool?

My husband subscribes to Wood Magazine. The latest issue arrived in the mail today. Inside was an article about 'most favorite tools.'

I've been trying to decide on my most favorite knitting tool and I just can't decide. I have a decent needle stash. I do fancy my plastic extruded needles from Grandma Janette, they are nice. I have yet to drink the Addi Turbo kool-aid so I may be missing out of needle nirvana but I'm ok with that. I'm loving the new Chibi jumbo sized tapestry needles I bought a few weeks ago, they are quite spiffy. But nothing really jumps out at me.

For sewing I amassed a nice little tool stash the five summers I worked as a Stitcher building costumes for the now defunct Berea Summer Theater. We were occasionally paid for overtime with items from Greenberg and Hammer. My absolute favorite tool for sewing is more of a notion but it is fabulous just the same. That would be Silamide, waxed hand sewing thread. I have about 8 skeins in various colors. The stuff is fabulous for sewing on closures or for any hand sewing where you need some extra oomph.

Anyone care to share their favorite knitting tool?

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