Friday, August 03, 2007

Small Singing Bowl, New Yarn and Recycled Bag Stuff on Craftzine

My regular readers know that I have a bit of a 'thing' for felted bowls. I found the Felt Bowl Trio by Carol Bristol for frabjous fibers over at The Wool Peddler.

I'm always on the lookout for a new bowl construction technique and the Singing Bowl pattern did not disappoint. I knitted this up in an evening while watching episodes of Season two of Frasier. Oh how I love that show.

I'm using up the leftover yarn from H's Storm Blanket to knit up two small singing bowls. I omitted a few rounds, making them not quite as deep as the pattern calls, due to yarn amounts. I'm quite pleased with the pattern and the first bowl. The second bowl is knitting up just as quick and easy. It's fun to find new patterns and stash bust at the same time.

Speaking of Stash. My latest Knit Picks order arrived yesterday. I ordered yarn for a Leia Wig and two R2-D2 hats. I'm eager to get started on the Leia Wig but want to finish the second Singing bowl first.

The recycled sari silk I ordered from The Wool Peddler for Unbiased arrived today. Oh boy oh boy is it pretty. My meager photography skills do not do it Justice. I ordered two skeins of Kathmandu: Unrefined and four skeins of Kathmandu: Original.

Check out a skein of Unrefined just hanging around. Oh it's pretty in person.

But wait! I'm not finished. Check out the fabulous write up on using shopping bags for recycled shopping bags and clothing over at Craft. I totally want to check out the Long Overdue Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial.

Speaking of recycling. I've got the silk for Unbiased and I'm amassing a nice little stash of different colored plastic bags from my own shopping exploits as well as from friends and family. It's quite fun to see what bags people give me. It's like a little peak into a person's shopping life. I'm looking forward to my little recycling experiment.

In the meantime I have a bowl to finish, and Frasier calls.

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Sourire11 said...

gotta love the felted bowls!!! And that sari silk is beautiful... looking foward to seeing your recycling project, as well.