Sunday, January 27, 2008

Squirrel Attack!

I've been collecting stuff to mail for a big Post Office trip. The more I thought about Squirrelly the more I thought his tail needed an additional tack to help keep him from tipping over. I tacked his tail to the back of his neck and am quite pleased with the results. Of course this necessitated a photo shoot with the harp. Why have a harp if you can't take pictures of your feltetd toys with it?

I started a second squirrel last night. I've dubbed this one the Not Found In Nature Squirrel. How many pink, cream, green and brown squirrels have you seen running around your backyard? This squirrel is knitted up in Patton's Soy Wool Stripes, Lion Brand Fun Fur and Wool of the Andes.

Another recent FO, it's Gesundheit from MagKnits. June 2006. It's knitted up in Patton's Classic Merino. I'm thinking these might be fun Holiday gifts. I followed the pattern but can envision knitting up a few more to try out some different cable patterns. It's a little test cable, tissue box sweater.

In non knitting news I'm feeling better overall health wise. There has been so much crud going around. It seems like as soon as a family member gets better they get sick again from another family member. It's this never ending cycle of coughing and runny noses and such. I have hope that we will break the cycle of sniffles soon.

In the meantime I knit at night when the kids are in bed and plan out my next knitting conquest on Ravelry, my obsession of choice.

Speaking of obsessions... I have Torchwood season 1 and have watched the first 2 dvd's of 7. Oh the Captain Jack Goodness. The plan is to watch the entire season of episodes, and the extra bits on each dvd then go back and watch the episodes on commentary. Drool.


Mary said...

I must agree squirrelly looks good with his tail tucked.Im thinking the pink /cream/green squirrel would to be cute and a nice valentine gift for your baby girl.Have a Blessed Week..Mary in southern Ohio

Just A Knit Wit said...

I've seen 7.

Of course I have a cold and have been rather liberal with the drugs, so...

twiceknit said...

The squirrel is adorable! Love it!