Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Squirrel Address

The squirrel is not complete.

I have the eyes but have not put them in yet. ACK. I am going over to Coleen's in a bit to watch the Torchwood Season Two opening episode. Yes I am excited and a bit crazed.

Must pack knitting, must put on shoes, must control drool.

Check out the three little felted coasters. The star shaped one is the It's So Mod: Coaster, the square one is a Vortex, and the round one is a round one.

Must go prepare for viewing Captain Jack goodness.


Kt said...

Hahaha. The squirrel is absolutely foxy (ironic eh?). I wanna see it when it is finished! And I'm warning you that the "ACK" ,when frequently used, is quite addicting. You have been warned. Also I hoped you enjoy your Captain Jack goodness. Say "Hi!" to Coleen for me if she remembers who I am. =]

Sourire11 said...

So. Flippin'. Cute!

and I love that must control drool is on your to do list. that cracked me up!