Friday, February 22, 2008

Yarn Stash Enhancement

The Knit Picks Palette in Blush arrived today along with some other stash enhancing yarn. The Petal was too bright for the upcoming Companion Cube knit. I find myself wanting to cast on a ton of projects at once, I'm usually a one or two project at a time knitter but lately it's been a little out of control.

A few new purples for the stash.

How about s0me green for the stash.

"Junk in the trunk."

Check out H-Man from the side rocking his stay puffed snow suit. This was taken about a week ago after a nice snowfall. The kids had fun in the snow. I however have fun knitting, knitting that I am growing increasingly bad at blogging about. So I'm going to go knit so I have blog content, or do I blog to have knitting projects...


kim said...

OK, I totally LOL'd at "junk in the trunk." That picture is too cute for words.

Kt said...

Oh my gosh. I dont really have words for how cute that pic of Henry is. And that first selection of yarn is a color trifecta. Purdy.