Friday, April 18, 2008

Bookshelf Pantry...knitting stuff at the end of the post

Ever read two words that just make you go 'Whoa there' or something of the like? Words that express a very simple concept that blows your mind just a bit? I'm trolling AT tonight for Cure inspiration. Here are a few things I've found.

The Bookshelf Pantry was a bit of an aha moment for me. I'm feeling a bit dim admitting that but it kind of sparked an idea. Hello, doored bookshelf as a pantry. Our kitchen does not have a pantry, admittedly a little more pantry space would be nice.

H and I bought a happy little succulent at Trader Joe's today. I tend to kill house plants. This is my first attempt in a long time at a live house plant. I've been buying fresh cut flowers weekly as part of the Cure and love them. I go in cycles buying fresh flowers for the house. This week is white tulips from TJ's, and the happy little succulent.

I've drastically pared down the kitchen windowsill. We have the happy little succulent, a sugar bowl, Grandma Elsie Milkware with dried flowers from fresh flowers a few weeks back, creamer, flowers E made me at Parent Day this week, and a vase E glazed for me last summer with home E made flowers of paper and pipe cleaners. This space makes me so happy.

This picture from Randolf Duke's Hollywood home makes me want to get an aloe plant. I also like the wide range of texture. I reworked the family room a bit this afternoon. You have to go through the toys every now and then. I brought one of the black wire shelves up to the living room for plants. I actually opened the dining room curtains today to let more light in, it was lovely.

On to bathrooms. This bathroom is my new desktop. I love the floor to celing curtains over the shower/tub.

I love the idea of bathroom as spa/gallery. I like to put scanned and then home printed copies of pictures in the bathroom. I'd never put a one of a kind original in a moist environment.

AT had further inspiration, more practical then spa like but here is the ever popular shelf over the door for towels and such.

I love this idea for the upstairs bathroom. It physically won't work in the downstairs because of the low ceiling. I love the idea of clearing out the linen closet a bit and having accessible storage right in the bathroom. Look at the happy tp and rolled towels and washcloths!

Let's see I already mentioned the new plant/flowers, the reworked toys in the family room. We had four banker boxes of paper shredded yesterday at a local Shred It facility. I still have papers to go through, including E's preschool work from this year. I dropped off a box to Goodwill.

I went through my office closet yesterday and reworked that a bit. The goal is to be able to get my desk chair in there when we have guests, don't think that's going to happen soon. The chair can go in the basement when we have guests.

Today I went through all of my grad school markers and such that were hiding in the closet. I went through the little catch all basket that's been living on the kitchen table and repurosed it for E craft stuff, scissors, hole punches, paint brushes, colored pencils. The new basket is quite spiff. The Craft/Game bookshelf in the dining room is still a work in progress. I like the theory but the practice is taking some time.

I found curtain panels that might work in our master bedroom. I'm slowly working up a list for an Ikea run with Dave sometime this summer. Maybe it's good that the closest Ikea is about 2 hours away.

On to knitting stuff!

My girlfriend and knitter J and her daughter came to visit this afternoon! E and K had fun playing while J and I wound yarn cakes and started an Odessa. It was so much fun to have someone to talk knitting with! The girls played, H napped and J and I got to talk shop. I've been a bit blah about my knitting lately and this time to chat with Julie helped so much.

After the kids were in bed tonight I finished up the Recycled Bag Bag, I will do a big post on Earth Day next Tuesday. It was an interesting knit but I'm glad it's done. I also tucked in the one lone end on Crumpets. I remember now that I tucked them all in as I was finishing the picot trim cast off. Then I finished the miles of cast off and was too sick of it to pick it up for months, if not over a year really. Well all ends are tucked and it's time to do the ribbon and it will be DONE. I started it in 2004. Hello it's 2008. Thankfully I made it way too big and E does not grow fast. So the plan is to finish it this weekend.

The Knitted Companion Cube calls, 'Finish Me!' I checked out Mochimochi's mattress stitch tutorial to help me get geared up for seaming the cube.

Hopefully it won't rain this weekend and we will be able to get some work done in the backyard. The house is coming together, more work to do but it's coming alone.

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