Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Was A Triumph!

The Knitted Weighted Companion Cube is finished. The seaming was a PITA. Mochimochi's mattress stitch tutorial was a big help. I started seaming yesterday and finished up tonight.

All six sides seamed together.

The dark, dirty, messy underbelly.

Going from 2d to 3d.

Time for the electric knife and the foam. The first foam cube was too small. The second foam cube was too big. I cut down the second cube a bit and it was just right.

Two more seams to go. I swear the last seam was the hardest and looked the least tidy. But it's finished and it is fun and huggable and cuddly and did I mention fun?

Companion Cube checked out the harp.

Then said Hi to the three legged lamp.

Then took a pony ride.

Then said Hi to the Happy Little Succulent.

Then we went downstairs to say Hi to Sherlock Holmes and the gang.

Things got a little tense when Companion Cube met the Dalek. But it was all good. Companion Cube does not talk, and you should not listen if it does talk, so the Dalek soon tired of the Companion Cube and went about it's business.

I think I'm finished with Geeky type knitting for awhile. Alison did ask me for a Sonic Screwdriver and I said NO. She did not know what it was! She is not a fan so no Sonic Screwdriver for her. I do have some knitter's gold to post soon. I received some AMAZING pictures from my buddy Andy across the pond. Jonah's sonic screwdriver arrived safe and sound. More later.

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wren said...

Wow, Karen--the knitted companion cube looks awesome!

(the designer)