Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sonic Screwdriver Across the Pond

I received knit blogging gold last Monday. The previous Monday I sent off Jonah's sonic screwdriver in the mail to England, for 90 cents, in a paper mailer. It was in a ziploc bag to keep it dry. As soon as I left the post office I started to worry that I should have opted for the cardboard mailer instead.

A week later I receive the following pictures and a bit of a story. I'm not sure what's better the pics or the story.

So my buddy Andy is home with his kids for the day, the little dude is sick and was doing well poorly. He is cabbaging out on the couch when the mail arrives. They are having a lazy day at home, hence the Doctor Who jammies and unbrushed hair. Andy said he was not sure if Jonah was more excited about the sonic screwdriver or that it came from America.

So of course Jonah had to try out the new sonic screwdriver on his little sister Holly.

Oh she is a cutie.

Of course Andy had to have a go with it as well. I am amazed that the little sonic screwdriver made it's way all across the Atlantic Ocean safe and sound for 90 cents, in only seven days.

It's so fun to have pictures of friends enjoying your knits. This totally made my day.

In other knitting news the Companion Cube was a big hit today. E was so excited.

In Cure news we went to the zoo in the morning then worked on the backyard after lunch. H figured out how to ride in the wagon. It took some persuading, ie, goldfish crackers to get him to sit still in the wagon. By the end of the visit he was riding along like a pro.

Dave and I took out an old, decrepit trellis from the back of the house. The first two posts came out smooth as glass. So smooth we were certain they did not have concrete footers. Turns out all four had footers.

The third had to cut out and the fourth came out by brute force. Here is the aftermath of the demolition.

My office window and the downstairs bathroom now get considerable more light now that the trellis is gone. I now have a great view of the backyard from my office. The plan is to plant some flowers of some sort, maybe some veggies? But to keep the view unobstructed.

We are starting week four of The Cure. The first week is getting started, the second is the Kitchen, third is the entryway, I included the front of the house in the entryway especially since I already did the front closet the first week. Week four is the living room which includes editing the book collection (HARD!) , which is in good shape, as is the family room so we will be focusing on the backyard. Week five is home office and week six is bathroom and lighting. I definitly have some plans for lighting. We are going to be switching and swapping some light fixtures around the house. It's kind of nice to be working a few weeks behind the website so I can see what other's do each week and get ideas. I have so many new ideas for the bathroom but we are going to wait a bit. For now it's the backyard that needs the most attention.

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