Monday, April 21, 2008

Weasley Sweater

I cast on H's Weasley while watching Season 2 episode 13 of Torchwood and Doctor Who season 4 Christmas Special. My head is still reeling from both episodes.

Bit miffed at AT today. They had a post on 'Finding Balance' today that was pretty much Flylady but with no acknowledgment. That's lousy. They get called out in the comments.

I vacillate between loving and intensely disliking AT. There are great ideas, and fabulous pictures on the site but it's also very self important. Have an Eames? Then you are a sheeple who shops at DWR. Don't have an Eames? Then your place is a 'sh*&hole' and you have no style. Well we happen to have a Eames lounger and ottoman knock off in H's room so what does that make us?

Just realized what AT comments remind me of.


That's it. Fark for interior design. I stopped reading Fark ages ago. Got tired of the snark.

Believe me I'm loving the Cure and am thrilled with the progress we've made on the house. I'm in this for the full 8 weeks. Might be time to stop reading comments on AT.

Let's see what did I do today, on top of everything else I normally accomplish. Went through the basement clothing rack and my closet. Shifted a few things and sent a few things to the Outbox.

I read Brenda's Bible: Escape Fashion Hell and Experience Heaven Every Time You Get Dressed by Brenda Kinsel. Fun book.

According to Brenda there are the 7 Deadliest Sins in Fashion: Delusion, Neglect, Idolatry, Timidity, Comparison, Settling, and Self-Denial.

Then you have the 10 Fashion Commandments to help you find Fashion Heaven

1. Wear only what you love.
2. Make clothes personal.
3. Design and develop a wardrobe.
4. Concentrate on your Assets.
5. Dress for the body you are currently in.
6. Focus on fit, not size.
7. Don't save good things for good.
8. Keep current.
9. Start each day with great underwear.
10 End each day with great gratitude.

I do like how Brenda focuses on dressing the body you have now, not the body you had 20 years ago or the body you want. I don't agree with getting rid of your wedding dress. I love mine, and have the space to keep it. I'm also keeping my undergrad and master's robes/hood. I think about bringing out the hood and having it out where I can see it every now and then.

After reading the book I went through my closet. Rearranged a few things and took inventory. Did find a pair of summer shoes I thought I sent to the Outbox a few purges ago and did not. I'm in good shape from the waist up its from the waist down that I need some help. Shorts, jeans and skirts are on the list, as is a new summer lipstick color, and some red nail polish for my toes.

I also went through our master list of things to do on the house. I highlighted the items that we can aim to complete during the rest of the Cure. The house is feeling so much lighter, more open, less cluttered and weighted down. I'm excited about the plants for the front flower beds and for some lighting changes we have in the works. Several dated ceiling fans are going to GO and be replaced with fixtures that can take a dimmer. We love dimmers.

I've been looking for kitchen/dining room chairs for ages. I keep coming back to school chairs. I'm contemplating these two styles, in brown. I'm looking for solid, no nonsense chairs that stack. I'm thinking 8 chairs, four for the kitchen and four for the dining room, then we can have 8 matching when we entertain. I'm sure some would find them ghastly but I like them, and Dave is on board. We shall see.

I'll end this post with Brenda's one second makeover tip. Add a smile to your outfit. :-) Good advice Brenda.


kim said...

I think your Cure work is so inspiring!

april_whitney said...

Nice to meet another Brenda Kinsel fan out here! You should check out her new book, "Brenda Kinsel's Fashion Makeover" which is a 30-day complete makeover for women 40+. Her gentle touch and good advice are great!