Friday, August 01, 2008


Just finished watching the Mr Roger's Neighborhood Opera Windstorm In Bubbleland with E and H. Brings back so many memories of waiting with great anticipation for the Opera episodes. There would be several episodes leading up to the exciting Operas.

E was so excited yesterday. "Momma there's going to be an Opera on Mr Rogers tomorrow." We put it on the calendar so we would not forget. She doesn't watch TV every day so it was pure luck she found out about it, we don't read tv listings.

So E was all excited, which just warmed my heart. We had lunch then all played till the show came on. E watched transfixed and H played.

Can't remember the last time I watched this particular Opera. The wiki says that this is one of 4 out of an original 13 that are still aired. I picked up on a few ideas I don't remember catching as a child.

Corporate corruption. The local chemical company claims their Sweaters in a Can will protect bubbles, turns out it's just compressed air that will create a big wind and blow the bubbles away. The head of the company is really The Wind, complete with Christmas Tree tinsel glued to his eyebrows and upper lip.

The news not reporting accurate information. There's never any trouble here in Bubbleland. No don't tell everyone about the wind coming that's not good news and it will hurt local business. No really.

The voice of reason is ignored. In this case it's Hildegard Hummingbird played by Lady Elaine in a bird costume. She knows about the wind and no one will listen. So she goes away, only to return, after some on air begging, just in time to save Bubbleland from the wind.

Lady Aberlin sings that sweaters are made with needles, yarn and heart, not cans of compressed air. There is also a scene where Lady Aberlin whips out a big pair of plastic straights, I'd say at least 15's and some brown bulkey weight, starts flailing around like she is knitting and out of nowhere a sweater 'net' flys in to help reinforce a wall of banana crates to block the wind.

So I'm sitting on the couch snuggling E and trying to keep H from head butting his sister or me and we are watching Mr Rogers. I waited to see the copyright, 1980. Little 28 year old tv episode that still resonates today. It's good to ask questions. Do products do what they claim or are they harmful. Question the media. Where is your information coming from.

Oh and sweaters are made of needles, yarn and heart.

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