Friday, August 08, 2008

8.8.08 Let the Games Begin!

I first cast on this morning around 9AM EST. I promptly frogged my first, and second attempts. Ended up doing a long tail cast on, after my first try with a knitted cast on produced almost yo like holes. Not sure what was up with that. The third try was the charm and I made some progress on the first sock. I knitted off and on today, mostly during lunch and Henry's nap time.

Dave and I watched the Opening Ceremonies, they are almost over, I'm waiting to see the Cauldron lighting. The Drums, Dancing, Human Driven Pistons, Giant LCD display, Tai Chi and all around Artistry of the Opening Ceremonies was amazing. The Opening Ceremonies was a celebration of China's people, amazing from both technical and artistic standpoints.

Sometime around dinner time I started the second sock. I started the first from the outside of the cake the second from the inside. I want to avoid second sock syndrome at all costs. As of right now I have the cuff and two repeats on each sock. Not too bad for the first day. The challenge is to keep up this pace and finish in time to also finish the Twilight series by the end of the Olympics.

Off to watch the rest of the Opening Ceremonies

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