Friday, August 01, 2008

Purl or No Purl, Bag and Meet Up Pictures

I'm knitting a pair of Monkey socks for the Knitting/Ravelymics. Through the power of Ravelry I just realized that you can knit the original Cookie A pattern with purls or go with the purl free option by CraftyPancakes. Hmmm. The purl free sound faster, but I really like the original design.

The name CraftyPancake makes me think of Waffle Cake. Ever hear of it? Found mention of it in a thread today. It's cake batter done up waffle style in a waffle iron. Sounds tasty.

I finished the Everlasting Fantasy Branching Out Bag tonight. Love the Bernat Softee Baby yarn and I feel like I really know the Branching Out lace pattern now. But I was getting sick of this project. Just wanted to get done. The only official wip right now is Rambling Rows. May need to bust that back out. K-9 is still in the cryogenic deep freeze. Regardless one more gift knit accopmplished.

Whoo Hoo it's Who Knit's Map inspired meetup picture time. Had a lovely time with Julie and Beth, aka chocolatesheep. That my friends is an unfinished Adipose next to Cuddly Evil. I got to check out the pattern a little. The little feet are so cute. You can only get Adipose directly from Mazzmataz for her 100 Adipose KAL for the Doctor Who cast and crew. The Adipose are powerfuly cute. Thanks to Beth and Julie for a fun time out knitting, eating and people watching.

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