Saturday, August 02, 2008

E's New Room

Have you heard of the latest HP book? JKR is releasing a Special and a Standard Edition of Beedle and The Bard. Knowing my sister I am pretty confident she will pony up for the Special Edition. If I ask nicely she might let me hold it. She's let me hold her JKR signed edition of HP7.
Today was a work day. Home Despot for a new vacuum, our 10+ year old vacuum died a few days ago. We replaced it with a Dirt Devil Stick Vac. Small, lightweight, loud, bagless. We shall see. Also went food shopping. E checked out the child care at the new grocery store and charmed the ladies working there. So proud.

Dad's made a number of loft beds over the years. The last one was for Allison after she graduated from college and moved in with us for a few months while she found a job. It's Dad's most spare design. I still feel bad about getting rid of the loft he made me for grad school. It was pepto bismol pink and rock solid. Knowing my regret for getting rid of the grad school loft I was determined to keep the Allison loft even after she found her own place.

We tried to use the loft a few times with not much luck. I insisted on keeping it even though it was not in use.

E's been asking about a loft bed for a week or so. Then I saw this post on ohdeedoh on Mezzanine beds. Seems in France loft beds are called Mezzanine beds.

Here's the loft after much sweating by Dave it's up in E's room. Her old bed reminds in her her room until H is ready for it. The plan is to wait a few weeks and make sure E really wants to sleep in the loft then we will paint it a spiff color of E's choice.

E is over the moon. She is so excited about her new bed and being up so high.

In knitting news I've been playing with the koolaid to dye some yarn. I've overdyed the rainbow yarn from months ago, was not happy with the result. It's now dark purple with undertones. I also dyed some pink wool a mottled pink and dark cherry.

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Mary said...

I like the new loft bed.Theres gonna be some awsome room under it for stuff.Do you think your sister will let me touch the special edition.Oh to just lay my eyes on one what a treat...Well by then it will be hard to find one because its comming out around christmas so i think ill get an order ready so ill be one of the firsts...But what a cool bed for E.