Sunday, August 03, 2008


We went to King's Island today. E must have had a mini growth spurt because she measured at 44 inches for the first time. Her new height granted access to a few before off limit rides. She got to ride Runaway Reptar for the first time today. She was so excited. Runaway Reptar is a child sized coaster where you sit under the track and your lets dangle from your seat. Like a small Raptor at Cedar Point. Dave and Ewaited extra time to sit in the front seats. She had so much fun.

Henry has a stuffed Pablo the Penguin that Allie's work buddy Nathan gave him. We don't have cable so H has not actually watched The Backyardigans. Lately Pablo, and a stuffed Elmo from Gramps have been elevated to Super Special Sleep Lovey Status. While heading out to Runaway Reptar E caught a glimpse of Pablo. Despite her INTENSE desire to go ride Runaway Reptar she gladly went with us to go check out Pablo. Now the last time H saw a costumed figure it was Dave in an Easter Bunny suit at Spring Fling. H SCREAMED and would NOT go near the Easter Bunny. Edited to add that H also saw a costumed sea turtle at the zoo this summer and would NOT go near said turtle. I did however get a good pic of my Dad/Gramps with the turtle.

Thankfully there was a handler for Pablo and a park photographer to keep the line to greet/hug Pablo in check so we did not have to wait long to meet Pablo. H could not keep his eyes off Pablo and when it was his turn to greet Pablo he immediately gave Pablo a HUGE hug and pretty much would not let go. No trepidation, no fear, just the overwhelming desire to HUG.

Yes more hugging Pablo.

E joins in the Pablo Hugging.

Henry would NOT turn around to have his picture taken head on with Pablo. Henry did not want to stop the hugging.

The hugging continued.

...and continued...

The hugging really did not last that long, a minute tops if that, but H was obviously very excited about meeting Pablo. We were worried about how H would do leaving his new blue and yellow Penguin friend. Thankfully we were able to extract him from Pablo without any fuss.

Guess who we saw later that day in another location dancing with a manic Spongbob? The same Pablo! We got in line and Pablo recognized H and put his arms out to hug, again.

Notice full on Henry and Pablo hug action.

Again H would NOT turn around to get his picture taken, he was too busy Hugging Pablo.

So that was pretty much the highlight of H's day. Full sized Pablo hugs. We had a lovely day at KI. We checked out the water park for the first time with both kids. E and H were both fearless and had fun in the water. Dave and I got way too much sun.

In knitting news I spent the 1.5 hours to KI and 1.5 hours back home untangling yarn. I overdyed the rainbow yarn purple. It got a bit tangled, ok it was a frightening mess. I'm nearly done detangling it. Detangling yarn is a zen thing for me. Still not sure of what I'll knit with it but I'm going to detangle it.


Mary said...

What a sweet little hugger he was...Hes growing so much and E is such a little lady .

kim said...

Cutest. Story. Ever. With pictures!