Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Did Well

Thank you Senator Clinton for your service and your support. Really enjoying knitting my second green anklet and watching the DNC convention tonight.

I turned the heel and am into the foot of the sock. Loving the sock knitting fun. I think magic loop and toe up sock knitting might be next on the knitting agenda. That and short row heels, they look cool.

I have a plan to knit the top five most numerous socks on Ravelry. I've already knitted Monkey, Jaywalker and I'm on my way on the Basic Sock Recipie. So next up would be Pomtomus and Embossed Leaves. I'm thinking I might be due a skein of Socks that Rock. Drool.

Been contemplating four skeins of stash Knit Pick's Suri Dream. I'm thinking they might make very pretty Urchin hats for Holiday gifts.

Contemplating an Acorn Hat for H. I'd have to upssize it a bit but he would be so cute wearing this hat. Really must revisit the queue and the Holiday knitting game plan.

E started dance class tonight. The class is later in the day so Dave was home and H got to stay home with Daddy. I got to sit and knit during class and listen to Miss Olga accompany the girls and hear them leaping and thumping around in the studio. I LOVE that this studio uses live accompaniment.

Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten. I am so excited. E is obviously excited and nervous. I am so excited for her.

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