Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are You Registered?

I wanted to thank the literally 5's of readers who have voted in my sidebar poll.  If you read this only in an RSS reader please take a gander at the actual page to see and participate in the poll.  

As of 9/24/08 there are six results, one is mine.  So yes I have 5's of readers!

Are you a Registered Voter?

Yes!   5 votes
No!     0 votes
Soon!  1 vote
Other! 0 votes

Whoo Hoo!  Five registered voters, that includes me, and one who will be registered Soon!  I sincerely hope at all of my handful of readers are registered by their respective state deadlines, October 6th here in Ohio.


Sourire11 said...

I am registered and I most def. will be voting. Can't wait.

Mary said...

Im registered as well..And will be voting this year.Defently...

Kt said...

Oh and the Soon! is now a Yes!.

I was fortunate enough to register on campus during my break yesterday.

Can not wait to vote!