Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AT&T Sucks

Currently sitting in Panera using Dave's laptop. Dear AT&T turned off our dsl service Saturday night. Word to the wise do NOT even think about talking to AT&T sales people who show up at your door promising the wonder of fiber. It's all a cruel lie. Our order was screwed up, the Tech who came to the house tried to fix things but to no avail.

So here we are again with no internet, looks like it's going to be a full week, again. This time thanks to AT&T and their awful service.

In knitting news the Cobblestone is coming along. I'm about halfway through the yoke. I also knitted, felted and needle felted a very spiff stash busting coaster on Sunday.

Damm AT&T.

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Mary said...

Hi karen.I hope you get things worked out soon.Happy October..