Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And we are back

Dave calls AT&T for the third day in a row trying to get our Internet connection back up. Service went out Saturday night and Customer Service is only available Monday through Friday. So on the Third day Dave finally got hold of a Customer Service Rep who was willing to actually read about what was going on with our DSL. Several phone calls later, lots of hold time and at least three more AT&T people, including maintenance and 2nd tier customer service we had functioning DSL.


I must thank my dear Husband for his computer help desk experience, tech knowledge and relentless phone calls to get this fixed.

I suppose not having Internet access, again, is a good thing. I'm making good progress on Brisingr and Cobblestone. I've also learned to play Spider Solitaire. Can we say time sink? More on Brisingr later.

Actual Knitting Content!

Check out my latest stash busting felted coaster embellished with needle felting! I found a video on youtube on needlefelting. Yes I was doing it wrong. Now I'm doing it better. I LOVE this little coaster. It's so fun to use up little bits of otherwise unusable yarn.

The Presidential Election and my POLL

Regarding my little Are you Registered to Vote Poll. Thank you to all 15 of you who voted! Congratulations to my SIL Katie who was the SOON! vote that changed to YES! I am so proud of Katie for registering, she just recently turned 18. Yeah!

This is my 5th Presidential election since I turned 18, and yes I voted in the previous four Presidential elections. Mom was big on voting, and I think E is already getting a bit tired of hearing me go on and on about the election.

The next step after Registering to Vote is Voting, casting that old ballot. Early voting started yesterday morning here in Ohio. I'm waiting for my Absentee Ballot to arrive in the mail. Then I'm going to ask my Dear Sister to Hand Deliver it to the Downtown Board of Elections.

Allison Update

Speaking of my sister. Of all times to not have Internet access. Tuesday Allie calls me. She and Best Roommate EVER Nicholas were outside Detroit Monday night for a Brisingr book signing. They met Christopher Paolini, had books signed, got to hear him read from Brisingr and answer questions. She said it was well worth the drive to get to meet Paolini.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon around the time the family and I were at Panera posting about not having Internet access. Allison calls me all in a dither.

Allison and Nicholas drove from Detroit, stopping to sleep at Dad and Sue's house outside Cleveland then pushed on to NYC for an evening show of Equis. Allie was outside the theatre when she called. Dan Radcliffe had just emerged from a black SUV and went inside the theatre. If I could post her FAN Girlriffic message on our answering machine for all to hear I would, it's classic hyped up Allison.

On to this morning. I call Allison. The show was fabulous. Allie has already promised to do a write up for me to post here on my blog. A and N had seats on the aisle and booked from the theatre as soon as the curtain call began. They headed out to the stage door and had their ticket stubs verified somehow and were placed behind a barricade. Time passes and Radcliffe emerged from the stage door to greet fans and sign autographs.

It appears that Allie and Nicholas were able to contain their excitement and not frighten Dan. They got to chat with Dan a bit and had their programs signed by both Dan and Richard Griffiths. There's more to the exchange but Ill save that for Allison.

But there's more. They are going to see A Man For All Seasons tonight. Fellow Lakewood alumna and friend Emily Dorsch has an admittedly small roll, but is also an understudy for a larger roll in the show, scroll down to the end of the cast section in the above link to see Emily.

I think that's all for now. Cobblestone calls. I just knitted the second yoke decrease row so things are moving along.

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Mary said...

Welcome Back.Wow for Allison.I bet she was over the moon thrilled on seeing Dan Radcliffe.I cant wait to hear her story.Mary