Sunday, October 05, 2008


Cobblestone is done!  I finished tucking in ends in the car on the way to Kings Island this afternoon.  Dave and I divided up the work that needed done this morning.  I took the kids grocery shopping and Dave mowed the front lawn.

Cobblestone is my first adult sized sweater in a few years.  I'm not counting the belly dancing boobholder sweater, it's not a full sweater.  Cobblestone is not perfect but it is my best sweater to date. I'm quite pleased.

Now it's time to get official pictures of Dave in Cobblestone and H in his Weasley sweater.

I'm having some not too fun dental work done tomorrow morning.  I'm not looking forward to this, been putting it off as long as possible.  Please think of me tomorrow.

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kim said...

Oy, good luck at the dentist. I love getting cleanings (I am weird), but anything beyond that is horrible :(