Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mittens N Stuff

I'm feeling a bit better. The gum/jaw pain is subsiding.  The work I had done was pretty invasive.  Dental work is not fun.

What is fun?  

Mittens for Evelyn!  I decided on a project.  Ok they were not on the Holiday knitting list but E could use a new pair and I wanted to knit something Pink for the October KAL in the Ravelry Karen group. So pink felted mittens for E.

It's the Child's Felted Mitten pattern from Felted Knits by Bev Galeskas.  I made E a Toddler sized pair a few years ago that are holding up quite well.  So we are going for a second pair.

Obama is going to be in Columbus tomorrow and yet again I'm not going to be able to go see him.  Would LOVE to see him in person.  I don't want to take E out of school, this week's attendance counts for school funding numbers, and H would not be able to handle the hours of waiting in line.  So I will read and watch online. 

I've been knitting up Obama Logo's during the Debates.  I ended up knitting two on Tuesday.  The short rows logo pattern can be found here. The top left coaster was held double and is a bit thick and coarse. The Bottom right coaster is held single and felted much better. The pattern for the square coaster can be found here. The wrinkly, round coaster is a standard circle with the red and blue needle felted onto the white background.  The last debate is next Wednesday so I plan on at least one more coaster.  The yarn is Paton's Classic Merino in Rich Red, New Denim and Natural.

Has anyone checked out for online tv watching?  I've been checking out The Daily Show and Colbert Report the following day for a few days now.  I've also found a new show.  

The new Knight Rider.

I will admit I enjoyed the original series as a little girl.  I loved KITT.  Remember KARR and Goliath, that giant semi.  It was all the rage in elementary school, along with The Dukes of Hazard.  I'd heard about the New Knight Rider awhile ago and happened across a rebroadcast of the first two episodes a few nights ago.  I love the new KITT and the KITT Cave.  Not thrilled with the main characters but the premise is fun.  I don't see myself actually watching the show on tv but I plan on keeping up with it online.

Marnie has a new pattern.  Cute little knitted shorts called Assets of Evo.  The name is a play on words, Ass(ets) of Evo(lution).  They are an homage to Darwin with a Darwin Tree embroidered on the side.  Dave found the pattern before me. So he is picking out the yarn colors for me to knit up a pair.  They are knitted up in Elann Esprit cotton.  I've not ordered from Elann before, I know shocking.  I'm excited to try out a new yarn.

Speaking of new yarn.  I want to try the new Paton's Stretch Sock yarn.  The local Michaele's is supposed to carry it.  The Sugar, pink, colorway is calling.  We shall see if I can get my hands on a few balls for my latest pair of socks.

In the meantime I knit and try to not overexert myself.

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