Monday, October 06, 2008

What to knit next?

At a bit of an impasse with the knitting.  

Cobblestone is finished. Yeah!  

Crumpets and H's Weasley are long finished.  Yeah!  

I have two ROCKING hat's all ready for Dad's 70th birthday.  Yeah!

I have a decent amount of stash, not that you can ever have enough, to work with but I'm a bit at a loss of what to knit next.

So lets revisit the Holiday List o Fun.

Dave  Oy who knows.
E Jammies
H Jammies
ALE Mitts?  Can't be too girlie.
NLF  does not wear hats.  Hmmm.  Mitts maybe?  They would have to be manly.
Katie reads the blog so whatever I do must be stealth.
Sue Knitted Shopping bag for birthday.
Dad Hat
Bill Rambling Rows in Ruth Yarn, beast of a project.
Grandma J Gesundheit?  But it must be a super cool one.
FAD Feminine hued Double Layer hat for cold mornings?
Miss S, E's teacher.

I have something like 6 Gesundheits on tap for gifts.  I'm just not sure of them. That and most of my yarn is dk and the pattern calls for worsted.  Could go ahead and try a dk one.  I'm second guessing myself.  

I'd really like to do another pair of socks.  Hmmm.

Just found some stash tweed that would rock as a little TARDIS.  I need to get another TARDIS knitted up to send to Jonah. I know a number of people who would LOVE a little knitted TARDIS.  

Hmmm maybe it's time to suck it up and work on K-9.  Would LOVE to give that to E along with the Sara Jane Adventures on DVD.  Hmmm.  Just tried to figure out where I am in the pattern.  No dice.  Ick.  Back to zzz's.

I'll think of somthing.  Dave bought me season one of Ugly Betty today, it was drastically on sale at the grocery store and he knows I love Betty.  

What would Betty knit?

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