Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! E was a Pink and Black Witch. H was a little yellow duck. We had PERFECT weather for trick or treating tonight. It was perfect outside. The kids enjoyed going out to collect candy and then handing out candy until we ran out of candy. Four bags was not enough. We had a bumper crop of kids this year.

I finished a second bit of Holiday knitting today. I also started a cuff on E's mittens. I am making knitting progress! Now to figure out what to knit next. More holiday knitting? A hat for E to match the mittens? More socks? What to do.

Thankfully we are feeling better. It's been sick central around here. The coughing and sinus pressure has been very ick.

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Mary said...

What A cute little witch and adorable duck.Happy halloween.