Saturday, November 29, 2008

Low Key Thanksgiving

Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We had a blissfully low key Thanksgiving this year. Allison came by in the morning. The meal was on the table by 1PM. We ate way too much food then we lounged around. Dave tended a fire in the fireplace that evening, so nice.

The stuffing, inside the bird, and dressing, outside the bird were both AMAZING. I love stuffing.
The turkey was good, not bad, not amazing, but tasty. Everything came out fine, and did I mention the stuffing was mind blowingly good?

Dad and Sue came to visit Black Friday night. We went to Wildlights at the Zoo. I don't think Dad was expected the sheer number of lights. The animals were very active. We saw one of the Koala's MOVE. It was amazing.

Once the kids were in bed Dave and I got to go out and about by ourselves while Dad and Sue stayed home. We walked Easton a bit. The lights were lovely. So much to buy that I really don't need, or really want. Did a bit of Wardrobe Therapy recon in Gap. It was nice to be out of the house.

We had a birthday breakfast for the kids this morning with Dad and Sue, very nice, very low key.

Oh low key holiday celebrating is nice, oh so nice.

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