Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mystery Revealed

The Mystery knit can now be revealed! I dropped this off this afternoon, along with a dvd and knitting book I was borrowing, to my knit buddy Julie. Julie's been working on two beaded Odessa's for her kids. I wanted her to have one of her own and I knew she liked this hank of yummy Manos del Uruguay (colorway 107) I had in the stash. Odessa knits up pretty fast when you omit the beads. The pictures don't do the yarn justice. It's a great mix of purples. Yeah!

Dad and Sue were in town for Allison's Lessons and Carols concert today at First Congregational on Broad. Yet another good show. Sue liked her new hat and Dad of course loved the new Hedgie. This makes 5 home knit Hedgies in Dad's Hedgehog collection.

I'm making slow but steady progress on Allison's mitten. I love the Opal sock yarn. I'm working on size one bamboo dpns. Seriously wanting to learn magic loop. Time to get some long circs, maybe with Christmas money if I receive any this year.

It's starting to feel more like Christmas around here. The tree and lights help. The concert today definitely helped. I love traditional holiday music. I'm getting closer to being done with shopping. We are staying home and away from the busy shopping areas as much as possible. It's crazy out there.

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Sorry. I usually don't do the all CAPS thing, but it seriously is an AWESOME HAT.