Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pre Holiday Knitting Meh

So I knit Odessa for Julie and that rocked. Fab yarn, familiar pattern, recipient who I was confident would love the FO as much as I did.

Then I started Mirror from the current Knitty in my fab Opal HP sock yarn. Things progressed. I knew it would be busy with the self patterning yarn and the cables, but I tried anyway. Halfway through the palm really looked better then the top of the mitten. Rats. After a few pictures it went to the frog pond.


Then I could not decide what to knit next. I tossed the stash a bit, looked at my pattern books, my pattern notebooks, checked out my Ravelry queue and Favorites.

Whole lot of meh.

But then came Holiday Knit Knite. I had to have SOMETHING to knit. I was not going to miss Knit Knite, and am glad I did attend. We even had a Neophyte knitter, brand spanking new. Very cool. So I gathered some green wool I'd been collecting for a scrap coaster and some of the remaining Paton's Rich red and the Molly shrug pattern and some needles and went off to knit.

Knitted up a little green coaster that is passable but not fab. Started the Molly. I'd read the pattern runs super big but I thought how big could it run. I made a little progress but not a ton. Brought it out the next morning to check it up against E. HUGE.

Frog Pond.


So I fret a bit and I fuss. What will I knit? Dave suggests taking a break. I replied, ok maybe a day. But I WANT to knit something.

So I get our my hank of Malabrigo and the swift and the ball winder and get everything set up to wind the yarn. My sister calls to say thank you for the joint Christmas present we gave her and Nicholas. She is quite pleased and complimentary.


I suck at gifting. It never feels like enough or personal enough or anything enough. Yet like many people, especially now, we have only so much $ to spend on gifts. So I try to be economical, practical and thoughtful. Sometimes it works and sometimes, well it does not.

So I wind the Malabrigo.


It's so soft and yummy and the cake is so happy looking.

All the while in the back of my mind I'm going "Karen just (insert expletive of your choice) it and knit another Unoriginal Hat, you know you want to." So I dig around and find the Unoriginal Hat needles that were hiding in my knitting bag in a paper envelope, along with the coordinating cable needle.

I have two wound cakes of Jo-Ann Sensations Marvel, that is less then marvelous. It's like Jo-Ann yarn that's trying to be Manos but it's too thick and too thin. I've been thinking about holding the Marvel double so that the thin is paired with thick for an Unoriginal Hat. I debated how it would look so I waited.

Well I cast on tonight and so far so good. I'm quite pleased with how the hat is turning out so far.

It's looking quite spiff in person. So I'm feeling a bit better about the state of the knitting.

Now to figure out what to knit after this. That cake of Malabrigo is calling. I'm considering a Utopia Hat, Koolhaus, and possibly a cowl. Thing is it will not match my or Dad's coats. Trying to decide what to do.

In the meantime I knit with stash yarn in a familiar pattern. Thank goodness for stash yarn.

In non Knitting News tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I think I'm ready. We still have a few more thing to buy but I can't bring myself to go out and face the crowds and the craziness.

We still have a nice stash of homemade marshmallows. They are so good. So yummy.

That's enough for now. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

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Liz said...

I went thru knitting meh the other night too! Started and frogged a pair of socks in the same night!