Friday, January 16, 2009

I Drank the Malabrigo KoolAid

Oh the goodness. Oh the yummy, soft Malabrigo goodness. I cast on a Dean Street Hat in Stonechat Malabrigo worsted yesterday. I even learned a new cast on Alternate Cable Cast on for 1x1 ribbing. I'm slowly growing my cast on techniques.

This yarn is a joy. It's so soft, it sort of glides softly through your fingers as you knit. The resulting fabric is squishy and soft.

How did I wait so long with this in my stash, since last Mother's Day. Oh the goodness. I can see why this yarn is so popular.

In other news it is butt cold around here. So cold that school was canceled today. I knit a lot of hats but I'm not often seen in a hat. Let's just say I wore a hat today on our way to an impromptu playdate. I wore my OSU Unoriginal Hat, oh it was thick and warm.

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Trecia said...

WOW! You are amazing! Learning to Knit and you are very good at it too. I would love to learn this cause all the items look fun. I especially like the Jane Austin shrug...I love Miss Austin.

As for the reunion I would love to go because I did not get to attend our 10year one