Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Jaywalkers are finished

Paton's Stretch Socks in Sugar one on size 1 dpns and one on size 1 40 inch addi turbo circ.

They are done, they don't match but they are done and I learned the basics of magic loop. I'm chalking this pair up as a learning experience, that I can still wear and enjoy.

Ok I am loving having the Ravelry WIP Progress bars in my sidebar. They inspired me to finish E's shrug and my socks. Now to tackle the Rambling Rows blanket. Ick. I'm thinking if I finish at least one block between each new project maybe I can at least get the next big section done, even if I don't finish the entire thing I can at least get it square, or something. Rambling Rows is just too big for me. I'm a hat, sock, small sweater, toy kind of knitter at the moment. The blanket is kicking my butt.

In non knitting news I'm getting psyched for the latest Knight Rider to air tomorrow night. I might even watch it on TV and not online. Knight Rider is my TV guilty pleasure. It's so bad it's wonderful.

Off to try to figure out where I am in Rambling Rows, and to think about what to knit next.


Kt said...

Really pretty Kare, I love the pink and gray :) They look toasty too!

Liz said...

Awesome socks! And I did the Rambling Rows for a baby blanket...don't know if I'd want to attempt a full size!