Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making Progress

Well I finished E's Jane Austin Shrug today. It's not perfect but it's cute and it fits fine. Most importantly E loves it. So Paton's Classic Merino Rich Red on Size 4 circs in the size 6 for the pattern found in the second Mason-Dixon book.

I finally said no more to the languishing K-9 knitted toy project. It's now officially an Ugg. E helped me frog it and wind up the still perfectly good gray yarn. Thankfully I never told E what it was supposed to be. She LOVES K-9 and would have taken the frogging personally. So no more K-9 for a while. Might revisit it, but not that horrid pattern sometime in the future.

I'm magic looping away on my second Sweet Jaywalker. I figured out turning the heel with no fuss today. Yeah! Knowing basic sock construction helped.

I'm starting to wonder if a 40 inch circ is really going to be long enough to do two socks on one circ. Granted I have not done toe up socks before. We shall see.

Last night was movie day for me. I watched The Neverending Story for the first time. Not quuite sure how I missed that one growing up. It's a bit scary in parts. I wanted to watch The Golden Compass but the dvd would not play in our dvd player or my computer, but it works in my Husband's computer, go figure.

We had a low key weekend at home. My PEO meeting Saturday morning was canceled for the threat of bad weather, we ended up having rain that morning. I have a rant percolating about the media and fear mongering but I'll just let that simmer for later.

I have a FABULOUS needlepoint of Henry the Tank Engine to photograph properly and share. My Aunt does amazing needlepoint and she made one for H-Man.

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