Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rambling Rows

Well I brought out Rambling Rows today. Oh that blanket is a BEAST. I tucked and trimmed ends. It's all neat and tidy. I'm seriously thinking at least one blog between each project is how I'm going to nibble away at this huge for me project. I want to finish this blanket.

Well I did finish the large rainbow square that had been languishing for months while watching Knight Rider tonight. Score.

Warning Knight Rider Spoilers Ahead

So they killed off Dr G. I am so sad. The promos said a major character was going to die and they killed off Sara and KITT's Father.

The promos for next week show KITT doing battle with KARR. This time around KARR is this huge meca type robot and does not look like KITT.

End Spoilers.

I have the Dean Street Hat all ready to cast on. I think that is what my hank of Malabrigo is destined to become.

I'm test knitting felted Flying Spaghetti Monsters for a project Dave is working on later this year. I'm out of polyester fiberfill. I need it for the meatballs. So I'm a bit stalled at the moment. The snow is pretty bad here, so we are just staying home. No JoAnn's run for me any time soon.

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