Friday, January 09, 2009

Link O Rama

It's WIP Parade Time on In Knitting News. First up The Jaywalkers in Patons Stretch, Sugar. The second sock is magic loop on my BUTTERY new Addi Turbos. Can we all say fraternal socks? No identical socks for me. Oy.

The photo is dark but this is the beginnings of a Jane Austin Shrug from the second Mason-Dixon knitting book for the E. I only have a few skeins of the fab Paton's Classic Merino in Rich Red left. I am loving this yarn.

There's been a little bit of chatter on Ravelry in the Knit Knit recap thread from last night about cable needles. I busted out my cable needle stash today for a picture.

The bulky weight flying bird needle is from the beloved Grandma Janette Needle stash, it's old school and just slightly textured so it's not super slippery. I use this needle for Unoriginal hats along with a five needle set of size 10.5 dpns. Love this cable needle.

The top u shaped, the medium sized flying bird and the red u shaped needles were a pack from JoAnn's.

The Small flying bird has a partner, not pictured, that is the same as the red but in pink. Yes very exciting. I bought that set at Hancock Fabrics for Shedir.

I'm curious to hear about the Knit Picks Harmony wood cable needles. They are straight with little grooves in them to keep the stitches from sliding.

Of course it would be cool to learn to cable without a cable needle. I've checked out Grumperina's tutorial but am not there yet. I've read it's good to learn to cable without a cable needle to knit Koolhaas.

Looks like she has a suggestion for a bind off for toe up socks as well. Hmm.

Anyway. I have cable needles on the brain.

Cleaned out my knitting basket tonight. I love my Bolga basekts but I tend to just throw stuff into them and they get stuffed with all sorts of knitting and non knitting related things.

It's Link O Rama Time

Apartment Therapy had a knitting related post today. I'd normally say on't bother reading comments on AT, it's like FARK but with words like Mid Century Modern and Minimalist thrown in with the griping, but Ravelry gets two shout outs in the comments.

How about Sweaters for Intimacy via Craft? It's an art installation of knitting as sculpture, of conjoined sweaters. Reads like the sweaters were sewn together, not hand knitted, still interesting.

I'm thinking some really big needles might be fun, just not too big.

Oh and one more link. Cute Overload. The hover text on the Hedgehog made the geek in me laugh.

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Liz said...

I have the Harmony cable needles....I'll bring them next week...I'm still reserving judgment on them.